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Understanding Job Seekers’ Behaviour
Is Hard.
Our Technology Makes It Easier.

We provide full visibility into job seeker and candidate journeys.

By tracking those journeys, we are able to improve job application conversion rates, reduce applicant drop-offs, whilst delivering

an exceptional candidate experience.


Recruitment Analytics
for Hiring Success are our Passion.


job seeker behaviour when interacting with your job posts.


 job application conversion rates whilst delivering an exceptional candidate experience.


the job application process on all devices.


applicant drop-offs during the application process on your career site jobs.

Your investments into quality candidate reach and attraction will not be wasted!

Using our ground-breaking technology, we provide full visibility into job seeker and candidate journeys.

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Make your Talent Sourcing


the whole Internet into your own recruitment platform!

Reach and Attract

the right talent for your job by leveraging the power of our candidate attraction technology, with advanced advertising solutions and in-depth analytics.


your jobs on a network of publishers, including pay-for-performance job sites, duration and slot-based job boards, CPA media, existing social marketplaces, and other niche job sites to boost the volume of relevant applicants.


valuable talent pools from which to choose the best candidate for your job supported by our advanced technology that uses demographic, behavioural, and custom targeting.


with a world-class HR solutions and digital marketing team made up of certified experts, with decades of experience in managing digital campaigns in the recruitment and consumer brands sectors.

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Reach & Attract
the Right Talent!


fast, relevant and immediate access to the most appropriate candidates.


your jobs in front of the right people in an attractive way.


our specially designed recruitment tools for candidates so they respond to your market outreach and eagerly apply to open roles.

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Engage & Convert
to Stand Out in the Market!

Stand out

in a cluttered job marketplace with courage and creativity and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit.


and even reward relevant candidates to apply for your open jobs.


and maximise your candidate experience and boost your employer brand awareness.

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Qualify & Select
Best Matches for the Job!


that there are two hiring decisions - one by the employer and one by the candidate.


the best matches in a traditional recruitment funnel.


with the most qualified candidates with support from our expertise, recruitment solutions and unique technology.

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Solutions for Agencies
to Upgrade the Value Proposition and ROI.


a genuine competitive advantage. 


your unique value proposition - leading to more leads, more placements, more business, and improved ROI.


our wide suite of solutions designed specifically for recruitment & staffing organisations.


You Are Who You Hire.
Who You Hire is How You Win.

Our value proposition has been designed to find, attract, engage  and connect relevant talent with ambitious employers and recruitment organisations

in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.


your hiring success and grow your business through trusted, efficient, and cost-effective Recruitment Tech and HR Tech solutions. 


benefits from our laser-focused recruitment methodology and experience in delivering hiring success.


from access to 8 professional communities, supported by 4 job boards and our unique recruitment solutions.


your company story and attract relevant talent.


your jobs in front of the right people.


how HRAIME Talent ventures help you succeed!

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We bring together Science, Tech and the Recruitment Art.
That helps us to find, attract, engage and connect relevant talent
for employers and recruitment organisations in more precise, faster,
easier, efficient, and cost-effective ways.

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