We are bringing together Science, Tech, the Recruiting Art and Business Responsibility.

Finding, attracting and engaging the relevant talent for employers deserves to be more precise, faster, easier, efficient and cost-effective. In everything we do, candidates and employers are at the very center. Today, our HRAIME venture is set to inspire and support employers, organizations and human capital in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

We believe that every company deserves to work with the best talent. As one of the very few HR Tech companies in the world today, our focus is on using technology with a truly agnostic, programmatic, and intelligent advertising solution to find the best candidates  for the employer or organization. 
With our in-depth analytics dashboards driven by our high-class talent attraction technology with AI machine learning, you can optimize your reach for maximum talent acquisition.
We encourage you to leverage the power of technology to attract the best talent
and convert them into successful hires. Our talented and skillful committed experts are determined to transform the entire Internet into the efficient recruitment platform.
Recruit with a meaningful ROI!


HRAIME Leadership Team

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Ladislav Hadacek

Chief Commercial Officer  


Tomas Pluharik 

Chief Technology Officer        


Petr Markovic

Chief Customer

Our Vision

We are working to design HRAIME ventures as the most trusted, efficient
and cost-effective HR Tech and AdTech solution for connecting relevant
talents with ambitious employers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and
the Americas.

HRAIME Talent Mission

We are bringing together Science, Tech and the Recruiting Art.
That helps us to find, attract and engage the relevant talent for employers
in more precise, faster, easier, efficient, and cost-effective ways. 

Promoting business sustainability with environmental responsibility.
Implementing candidates and employers centricity constantly.
Applying agnostic use of technology and media.
Fostering truthfulness, trust, integrity, and fairness in all that we do.

Our Values


Business Sustainability
and Responsibility. Helping the Earth.

“The HRAIME Tree League represents the sweet spot of our environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts. Attached to the natural activities of our clients - employers’ recruitment and candidates’ engagement  - our Tree League also creates healthy competition that triggers positive momentum with beautiful lasting impacts. Smartly contributing to achieving the goal of global ecosystem official restoration program.”

Ladislav Hadacek, HRAIME Talent, Co-Founder

The environment becomes
the key stakeholder now.

At HRAIME Talent, we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder and we are all committed to harnessing our internal culture of innovation to also improve the state of the world. We leverage the power of our people and all of our business solutions to invite our clients - employers and job seekers – to join the established environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs.  

It should become more widely understood the business of business is to improve the state of the world. The established HRAIME Tree League platform serves the interests of all stakeholders – job seekers, candidates, employees, employers, organisations, partners, communities, and the environment. Let us play a meaningful role in creating a sustainable future by: 
1.    Every job posting ordered and placed by the HRAIME client will deliver 3 trees planting at the agreed location.
2.    Every candidate invitation to the interview for our clients' jobs will deliver 1 tree planting at the agreed location.
3.    HRAIME clients, employers, and organisations, will be nicely encouraged to share the platform internally, towards the community of their own employees.
4.    All HRAIME ventures will encourage job seekers and candidates to join the Tree League program, communicated especially during the process of job applications.

The business of business.

The grounded
EMEA AMER initiatives.

Every day we work to apply corporate social responsibility and sustainability into the multiple HRAIME initiatives. We are set and happy to inspire and support employers, organizations, and human capital in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas to join in those efforts through the evolving and established programs as:

The Earth Force 1

This is a group of volunteer champions from the community of job seekers
and employees of our clients dedicated to promoting Tree League programs locally in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas geographical arena.
Together we share a passion for sustainability and we inspire others to join
the meaningful help-giving activities. 

The EMEA Ability Force 1

The EMEA Ability Force 1 works as a unifying resource to empower the diverse cultures across the EMEA region. These members are our champions of equality and promoting HRAIME Talent ventures as the right place for employees of all abilities. 
We partner with corporate and community organizations to implement many educational, philanthropic, and social programs. Always striving to build awareness, healthy community, equality, and celebrating the diversity of the existing EMEA arena cultures. We aim to cultivate a culture where all employees and the workforce feel empowered by their abilities and talents. 

Provide Trees to the environmental projects fully supported by the community
of widely-respected local scientists, The United Nations expert teams,
and associated organisations.
Let us restore Earth's forests and health together!
Choose a project, choose the number of trees and get planting!
How many trees can you help us plant?

Start planting with one click!